HIV and COVID-19

The HIV Telehealth Training Program (http), along with our partner experts, join us in creating the COVID-19 Supplemental Sessions for healthcare providers and our fellow Filipinos — hour long learning videos with live Q&As with our participants.

  1. COVID-19 101

Dr. Kate Leyritana discusses the basics of SARS-Cov-2 and COVID-19 disease. What testing and treatment modalities available locally, and how to approach someone who comes for a consult and presents with signs and symptoms.

This video was broadcasted on March 31, and some newer data may have come forth since then.

2. Life in the Time of COVID

How do we keep our homes and workplaces free from COVID-19? Dr. Angelo Ramos gives us some tips on how to stay safe while staying at home.

3. HIV Care Continuum During Philippine ECQ

Metro Manila, NCR, and eventually the whole of Luzon was placed on Enhanced Community Quarantine on March 12, 2020. Foremost on the minds of PLHIVs were how to get their ARTs when public transportation was unavailable. Benjamin Banguingan of DOH NCR explains how access to medications must remain universal despite the lockdown.

4. HIV and COVID-19

It has been reported widely that immunocompromised people are at high risk for mortality and complications once with COVID-19. Is this true? What’s the story on COVID and HIV? Dr. Louie Ocampo of UNAIDS enlightens us.

5. Communication and Resilience

Social Isolation with is not an easy thing to go through. How can we survive this? Do we come out of this as different versions of ourselves? Is there a New Normal we need to conform to?

Dr. Gia Sision and Dr. RJ Naguit discuss Mental Wellness while on lockdown, while Professor Beng Ramos-Mortel discusses Risk Communication strategies for our healthcare workers.