Local Guidelines

2021 Implementing Guidelines for Priority Group A3 and Further Clarification of the National Deployment and Vaccination Plan for COVID-19 Vaccines

2020 Interim Guidelines on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for the Prevention of HIV Infection in the Philippines

2020 Interim Guidelines on the Management of PLHIV and Protocol on Protection Against HIV Transmission During Medical, Surgical and other Related Procedures

2020 Adoption of PSMID Opportunistic Infections Clinical Practice Guidelines

2020 Updated List of Health Facilities with rHIVda Service as of July 2020

2020 Interim Guidelines on Subsidizing Medical Expenses Incurred by Indigent and Financially Incapacitated PLHIV in DOH Hubs

2020 Interim Guidelines on the Continuity of HIV and STI Services in the Midst of Varying Community Quarantine Systems

2020 Interim Guidelines on Community Based Screening

2019 Philippine HIV Stigma Index

2019 Guidelines in the HMO Underwriting of Applicants with Actual, Perceived, or Suspected HIV Status

2019 Guidelines on Implementing rHIVda

Republic Act 11166 (The New HIV Law)

RA 11166 Implementing Rules and Regulations

2018 ART Guidelines

2017 Testing Guidelines

2017 Management of the HIV-infected Healthcare worker

2016 Enhancing Linkage to Care

2016 Opportunistic Infections in HIV

2016 Updated TB Guidelines

2010 Immunization for PLHIV

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