HIV Community Based Organization & Civil Service Organization Capacity Building Program


And do you believe that CBOs:

✓are a basic component of public health?

✓are frequently utilized as vehicles to conduct community health promotion interventions?

✓are increasingly called upon to use evidence- based research to support HIV advocacy, program planning, and service delivery?

✓should be seen as competent and worthy partners in the HIV landscape by sharing leadership and responsibilities?

✓are strained for time, staffing, and funding – elements that are critical to survival and sustainability?

Sustained Health Initiatives of the Philippines (SHIP) believes in the Community Based Organizations (CBO).

CBOs are essential in HIV, without which, advocacy & services will have failed to achieve present gains. We would like to help ensure that HIV CBOs achieve their full potential as partners and leaders in the HIV landscape.

We at SHIP are happy to present CABLE, our capacity building program for HIV community based organizations and civil society organizations.

It is a learning platform that provides CBOs the tools, resources, and skills for:

  1. Organization essentials
  2. Community health research
  3. Project management

We believe that these skills are absolutely necessary for the growth and sustainability of the CBOs, especially as data needs have increased as a result of funders’ interest in more formalized program accountability, more rigorous monitoring & evaluation, evidence- based decision- making; and empowered communities demanding much more active roles in setting research agendas.

The learning begins in August 2020 with a basic online module over 15 weeks. Once a week, for 1-2 hours, learning at your own pace.

The program is absolutely free!
We believe that that all CBOs have the potential to be the best they can be! Let’s start now!

Shoot us an email at if you and your organization want to be part of the movement!

These are the skills you will learn from the online sessions.