Outreach and Advocacy

“Engaging stakeholders to bring about transformational change within and outside the community.”

SHIP subscribes to the crucial role of the growing community of HIV advocacy.  More than ever, the success of community efforts in providing comprehensive HIV care, particularly to relevant populations, is becoming more widely recognized as essential to ending the epidemic. In participation with other relevant stakeholders, relevant efforts in social mobilization and policy advocacy could help overcome many of the major challenges in responding to the growing HIV dilemma.

Continuum of Care

“Providing holistic HIV services through a scalable cost-effective, free-for service model tailored to the needs of our clients.”

SHIP aspires to deliver comprehensive medical care and social services to its patients. Our goal is to engage all newly diagnosed patients in medical care and supplementary social services, and assist them through each phase of the HIV care continuum, to eventually achieve their goal of viral suppression and maintenance.

Innovation and Research

“Designing strategies to continually serve as an innovation hub to share and enhance best practices through research and development.”

SHIP persists in expanding research in HIV care at the global level, and contextualizing it at the local level. By developing strategies that adhere to the needs of its clients and sharing best practices to improve clinical care and strengthen health systems among its partners, we aim to be a springboard for optimum medical care and social services in HIV care.

Capacity building

“Strengthening the skills of care and support teams for HIV primary care to make HIV treatment and care more widely available”

SHIP believes in providing quality healthcare to wherever it is needed. By providing a training ground for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to gain expertise in HIV care and treatment, access can be easily expanded to care to meet the needs of Filipinos. Training on the basics of HIV should allow any doctor who holds a clinic to incorporate HIV care easily into his or her existing clinic structure. In this way, our objectives are to increase the number of doctors offering HIV care as part of their established practice, as well as to open up new clinics opened up in the communities most affected by HIV.

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